Find material lists for a specific fly pattern or simply browse through our archive of patterns when you want some inspiration for your fly tying.

Material Lists

In our step-by-step guides for tying flies, you can also find lists of the materials you need to tie the fly. Of course, it is possible to use other materials, colors, or hook sizes than we have listed in many cases. Doing this can help you match the hatch in your river.

Video Instructions

Sometimes you can get stuck tying flies. It can be because a pattern needs some particular maneuver or a trick to get it right. You can learn how to tie the fly in our fly tying movies. The videos are also available on YouTube. We hope you will subscribe to our YouTube channel.


I take pictures of the different steps when I tie flies. I also take photos of the materials I use for the various fly patterns. The slideshow can be helpful when you need a closer look at the proportions of the fly or when you want to replace a material you do not have available.

How To Fish the Fly

After the tying, there is fly fishing. In our step-by-step guide, we also mention how you ideally should present the fly for the fish.