Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal Base RENZETTI MASTER FLY TYING VISE


“The Master True Rotary Vise is so named because it does it all. Featuring a patented jaw mechanism that will securely hold hooks from # 28 to a 10/0. This is the True Rotary Vise for the tier who turns out everything from tiny trout flies to feather duster size billfish offerings.” That is a bold statement. Let us see how the Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal is doing in the real world.

Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal

Model:Master Vise
Features:Full Rotary, Bobbin Cradle, Material Clip, Hook Sizes #28 to 10/0
*Lifetime warranty against material and workmanship, regardless of its original registered owner. All products and or parts must be returned to Renzetti Inc. for examination, repair and or replacement.

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Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal Review

This Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal is my own, as I received it as a gift from family and friends for my 40th birthday. I have been using this vise for nearly a year, and it has been used for all the fly tying on the Just Gone Fishing website. The vise was a massive upgrade from my previous vises and the first full rotary vise I have used regularly. It was also the first fly tying vise resting on a pedestal base for me.

Tying with the Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal

When you get the vise, you have to assemble it, but this is a simple task with the instructions and tools. As this was my first pedestal base fly tying vise, I had some difficulties initially, as I tended to tilt the vise while tying. I soon figured out how to adjust the arm and the jaw to better balance the vise.

A good piece of advice is to keep the Unbrako keys close when you start tying on this vise, so you can easily adjust it.

Another problem I had was that the vise felt too low and the bobbin too long. I also sorted this problem by adjusting the arm and the jaw of the vise. It did not take me more than 2 to 3 flies until I had found the correct settings for me.

There were also several things I appreciated from the first tying session. The design is unique, and I find the Renzetti Master Vise SW Pedestal as one of the coolest vises on the market. The vise is also designed in a way that makes it userfriendly. There are several ways to adjust it, to fit you and your tying style.

The vise’s jaw is one of the most critical parts, and Renzetti has done something right with the jaw on the Master vises. So far, I have tied flies in sizes from #20 to #1 without any problems. The jaws are pretty sharp-pointed, a critical feature when tying smaller flies.

The rotary function is another excellent feature of this fly tying vise. In my tying, the opportunity to see the flies from different angles is advantageous. It is possible to fix the arm and jaw at any angle or have them completely free.

Price & Warranty

The price tag says $789.99, which is quite steep. For most tiers, the price is too high. At the same time, this is a high-end product and gives you something that not everybody else has. The lifetime warranty covering damages due to material or workmanship for all owners can justify the high price. This warranty is valid even if the vise is bought used. The Renzetti Master is a vise built to last for a long time, and it is also possible to buy spare parts if you need a repair because of wear and tear.


Would I have bought the Renzetti Master Vise Deluxe SW Pedestal using my own money? Yes, I definitively would have. The price is high, and it would take a significant portion of my budget for fly fishing and fly tying, but it is an absolute pleasure to tie on. It takes some adjustments initially, but you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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